Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amherst Life Blog

Since my town is most likely too snobby to have people blogging about it (same with the town next to me), I chose to write about the Amherst Life Blog. It's very informative on Amherst, although it hasn't been updated for awhile.

The last post was August 27 where it was welcoming back students. Seeing as we are midway through the semester, it would be nice to see something more recent than this on Amherst. The one post that I really enjoyed was reading about the "Tourism Boom in Amherst."

The post mentions how more people are visiting Amherst and the restaurants are having more families visit. They say the town now has a diverse group of people going around the town and it's more people-friendly than previous years.

About half of the post consists of things to do in Amherst, most of which, I haven't thought of before. Their first suggestion is to check out "the Notch," which oversees the entire Pioneer Valley and is just off 116. The one play I want to go to that they recommended was the Robert Frost trail. It seems like a nice place to take a walk.

There's another post identifying good places to go in Amherst, although I wish that this blog was a little more recent.

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thanks man, we've posted again because of you!