Friday, October 24, 2008

Gay school?

In the Chicago Sun-Times, I saw a report yesterday about the possibility of having a gay-friendly high school in Chicago by 2010. The school will feature gay and lesbian historical figures into its cirriculum. The school would not be all homosexual students, but would be a large amount with the other percentage being allies. However, Mayor Daley is completley opposed to the plan saying that it segregates kids from the rest of the school and instead what's more important is for people who bully the kids to learn to accept them as part of their school. 

I'm going to have to agree with Daley. After all, weren't we supposed to be done with segregation a long time ago?


Andrea Murray said...

that is a terrible idea!

there should maybe be more initiatives to help people understand the lifestyle and be more accepting. Segregating that would make it harder for them to face the "real" world.

Stella said...

Bad idea. It could start a trend in other areas for starting up these schools if it was launched. Pretty soon we'll be having a modern day Plessy v Ferguson where people will be debating whether or not the education the kids that go to the "gay-friendly" school is equal to that of the mainstream school. Even if this doesn't happen though, people will be isolated from having experience with gay people which will harm both parties in the long run.