Thursday, October 2, 2008

LIVE BLOG: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs

I'm going to be doing some live blogging for the Dodgers vs. Cubs game. I am a Cubs fan and would like nothing more than for Chicago to break its 100-year drought since its last World Series Championship. The Dodgers thumped the Cubs last night, 7-2. Tonight should be considered a must-win because tonight's pitcher, Carlos Zambrano is the best Cubs' pitcher and if he can't get the Cubs a win, they will go 0-2. In other words, if the Cubs don't win tonight, this thing is over.

GAME OVER: Dodgers win 10-3. Well the Cubs made it interesting and decided to hit in the ninth inning. Too bad that didn't happen earlier in the game. I don't know what to say, why can't the Cubs do well in the playoffs?

End of seventh: The Cubs are showing a little bit of offense, but it might be too little too late. The score is 7-1.

Middle of seventh: Wrigley Field should be blaring "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," but given how the Cubs are down 7-0, I'm sure nobody is singing.

End of sixth: I had to get some wings to eat my sadness. Here's a question, why does Alfonso Soriano feel like he needs to free-swing at every at-bat he ever takes? It would certainly curtail all of those strikeouts.

End of fifth: Jim Edmonds almost had a solo shot but Ramirez got the ball back at the warning track and went into the ivy. If he was on the Red Sox, I bet that would be a double. The Cubs continue to disappoint. I officially hate this assignment.

Middle of fifth: How do the Cubs manage to screw this up every playoff series? This is absolute torture. Manny Ramirez led off the inning with a home run which followed with a walk. Luckily the Cubs managed to get a double play of their own. Will the Cubs' offense PLEASE wake up?

End of fourth: The Cubs are starting to show a pulse, barely, but it's something. Derrick Lee led off the inning with a deep ball to left field. Ramirez almost grounded into a double play but Lee's hand blocked Blake DeWitt from completing the play. And then DeRosa gives the Dodgers a chance to get another double play.

Middle fourth: Aramis Ramirez committed an error and allowed Rafael Furcal to bring over Billingsley. Zambrano strikes out catcher Russell Martin and doesn't allow the Dodgers to do anymore damage. Hopefully Manager Lou Piniella doesn't do something stupid like bring in a reliever in the fifth inning.

Bottom three: Another wasted inning. Dodgers' pitcher Chad Billingsley walked Carlos Zambrano, which is a little unusual unless you're facing a guy who can hit. Zambrano has hit several home runs in his career and hit over .300 this season. Soriano poped out and Theriot hit an easy grounder to get Zambrano out at second. The Dodgers are the worst team in the playoffs (besides maybe the White Sox). What is going on here?

Middle third: Zambrano recovers nicely this inning. Very efficient. He's thrown 50 pitches in three innings. Let's hope he can give seven innings and not give up a run... and the Cubs really need to do some scoring.

Bottom of the second: 1-2-3 inning. This is torture.

Middle of the second: The Dodgers are up 5-0. This cannot be happening. Unless Chicago pulls off a miracle, this game is already over. The Cubs have made THREE ERRORS in the inning. First off, why would shortstop Ryan Theriot try to bare-hand a grounder like that? His error allowed runners on first and third with no outs. Derrick Lee bobbled an easy play at first and Mark DeRosa looked awful fielding his position.

End of first: Soriano doubled, but nothing else happened. Aramis Ramirez hit a ball deep, but no dice. Stay tuned.

Middle of the first inning: Zambrano got through the inning with no hits. I'm holding my breath.

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